Distance, Midpoint, and Slope

This week’s topic has been Distance, Midpoint, and Slope.

Let’s go through that blue SAT book everyone has, http://amzn.to/1wADKLS, or http://amzn.to/1wtPZuD, and this ACT book for problems about distance, midpoint, and slope that can be solved using my TI-84 Plus programs DISTANCE. Sorry, I won’t post the actual problems here.  But go dig out your books and calculator (buy them here: SAT, ACT , TI-84 Plus) and follow along.

SAT book

ISBN-13: 9780874478525.  The page numbers included here are from that book, but if you have the other one (9780874479799), please refer to the Test number and Section number instead.


Test 1, Section 3, p. 397, problem # 6

Test 1, Section 3, p. 400, problem #15

Test 3, Section 8, p. 546, problem #10

Test 4, Section 6, p. 596, problem #10

Test 5, Section 8, p. 669, problem #8

Test 7, Section 3, p. 769, problem #4

Test 8, Section 3, p. 830, problem #2

Test 9, Section 5, p. 905, problem #8

Test 10, Section 2, p. 953, problem #17  

ACT book

I’m working out of an older edition that only has 3 tests.  I believe they are the same as the first 3 tests of the 2nd and 3rd editions.  Once I have the newer book, I’ll add to this list.


Test 1, Section 2, problems #35, 45

Test 2, Section 2, problem #33

Test 3, Section 2, problems #38, 48  

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