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Program: PRCTCHG2 (Percent Change 2)


  • Finds the resulting number, when an initial value is increased or decreased by a certain percent.

Useful for:

  • SAT
  • ACT
  • Algebra 1

How to download and run TI-84 Plus programs

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Q: An item that regularly sells for $50 is on sale for 30% off.  What is the sale price?


Run PRCTCHG2 (how?) and enter the following values, pressing ENTER after each one: (Note that the percent change is -30, not 30, because we want to decrease the price by 30%.)

Type 1 and press ENTER, since there is only one percent change in this problem.

The program reports:

Interpretation:   The sale price is $35.

Note:  If the problem requires more than one percent change, choose 2 in the previous screen and enter the next percent increase or decrease.

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