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Reasons To Choose Online Tutoring

Convenience:  You don't want to drive to your tutoring appointments.  Or, you live too far away.

Emergency:  You suddenly realize you don't understand the lesson for tomorrow's quiz.

Privacy:  You don't want other people to know you have a tutor.  We never share information about students - even with their teachers - without express permission.

Hesitation / Shyness:  It's a little more anonymous than in-person tutoring.  When the tutor doesn't see you, you're more likely to ask the questions you were afraid to ask before.
How Online Tutoring Works

It's so easy!  Click a link in your email, and you're in the whiteboard 'meeting'.  You talk to Linda on the phone or by Skype for the entire session.  Linda writes explanations and solutions on the whiteboard, and you will see it in real time.  New pages are added to the whiteboard as needed.  At the end of the session, you save a copy of the whiteboard contents.

Find more details about online tutoring here.

See the whiteboard (This one is read-only, but you will be able to write on the one we use.)