Algebra 2 – exponential functions

Q: In 2010, River City had a population of 500. If the population has increased by 6% each year since then, what is the population this year, in 2014?

Answer: 631



Calcululate 6% of 500 by doing .06 * 500 = 30.

Increase 500 by 30, and you find that the population is 530 in 2011.

Now, increase 530 by 6% (530*.06, added to 530, or shortcut is to do 530*1.06).

The population is 561.8 in 2012. Don’t round this number yet – not until you get to the end of the problem.

Doing this calculation 2 more times gives you 595.508 for 2013 and 631.23… for 2014.

Now, round to the nearest whole number: 631. It’s not the most efficient way, but you get the right answer.

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